It is said in the scriptures that a teacher is like a candle: he is a person who consumes himself in order to disseminate light, so that his students may achieve salvation. I ,Rupayan Sarkar,only half believed this proverb until I met Shatru Sir, one of the many teachers who have helped me to achieve what I am today. To say Shatru Sir’s classes are simply interesting would be an understatement. His unique way of explaining concepts that are in general difficult makes him one of the very best of teachers. His humour abiltity to look at concepts in a different light and his support for any kind of student be it somebody who is a fast learner or a slow learner, makes the student feel at home. I personally remember that he taught me the topic “Permutations and Combinations”-a topic which I had dreaded for long, in such a lucid and conceptual manner that I never had to look back again. Shatru Sir has thus been a constant motivation to me.When my JEE Main did not go well he was the only one who pulled me up and said everything will be fine in JEE Advanced ,with the result that I am a student of IIT Kharagpur now. Last but not the least, his treats have been delicious! Thus his classes are a journey in itself!
Rupayan Sarkar
Shatru Sir is an ever nice person, more of a friend than a teacher. He teaches the topics in an interesting manner and explains all the details quite nicely. He also gives time to clear our personal doubts. He not only teaches us mathematics but also gives us a fair idea about things happening around and shares his own experiences which helped us a lot. His practice sheets and regular tests with their analysis helped us a lot, besides some online tests which we appeared at home. All these efforts by Shatru sir really helped me in cracking IITJEE and other competitive exams.
Arnab Jana
Shatru sir has been more than a teacher to me -he has been a friend, teacher and a motivator simultaneously. Shatru sir started teaching me maths in class 12.He always tried to ensure that there were no loopholes in our preparation because weaknesses in certain small things can prove fatal in an exam like Jee Adv. Sir's teaching methodology ensured that we had a lot of practice and were acquainted with lots of types of problems. Time is a very decisive factor in these exams and Sir's time bound practice sessions helped me improve on both my speed and accuracy. Thank you Shatru sir.
Nilabjo Dey
I joined Shatru sir's classes in class 12. He is a great teacher and a guide. With a huge collection of problems, he helped us get accustomed to a variety of problems. His problem solving method is also great... He used to solve problems seeming to consume lot many steps in a few lines. He also taught us how to solve numerous problems under a short time constraint. Shatru sir also cleared our doubts readily. When numerous doubts were given we could always find an email from him with solutions to those. I would like to thank him for motivating and helping towards performing well in JEE Advanced.
Sayak Chakrabarti
IIT-Kanpur (scored 122 out of 122 in Maths_JEE Adv-2017
In class 11 when I joined Edupace Academy, I required not just a teacher but then a mentor, a coach, an inspiration, an idol to look forward to.... Shatru sir was there for me. He solved all of my doubts and his infinite stock of mathematics problems helped me to not only love the subject but to live in it. I, Avishek Roy would say that Shatru sir is an ace in his field, he not only did lend me individual support.... but also taught me the paucity of time and its role in the competitive examinations. He is a constant inspiration for any student appearing for examinations like JEE MAIN, JEE ADV and BITSAT. His methodology, last moment tips and effective choice of problems helped improve my accuracy and speed. Besides the online and offline examinations at Edupace Academy put my skills under test and sharpened them. Thank you Shatru sir for helping me to put an extra edge to my career.
Avishek Roy
BITS Pilani
I, an IIT KGPian, has several unseen pillars behind my success. One of major of them is Shatru Sir. I joined him in class 12. The main contribution of him is his process of making us solving problems within proper time limits. This has helped me to fight against my FEAR in mathematics. So now I have scored highest in mathematics among all the three papers. When you can beat the fear, you can cross any hurdle. Moreover Sir makes mathematics a fun .Sir has a huge collection of elite class problems and solving them regularly makes even JEE Advanced problems easy. Moreover Giren sir from EduPace academy has also helped me during my KVPY exams. So on an overall factor they have a great contribution for my success in all exams.
Aadi Swadipto Mondal
It is not easy for a dropper to keep his confidence intact. But, what if you get a person to keep your confidence intact always, a person who believes in you more than anyone does... Shatru sir helped in every which way a student wants to be helped. A good talk with Shatru sir would surely charge you up for the GAME. He had been a constant support both emotionally and academically. During an extra year, I never bothered solving questions from any other book. Practice is what you need and Shatru sir gives you enough of it. Long hours of paper discussions, various quick and intelligent ways of solving different types of problems were things I never asked for, but he provided. Just try to match his dedication and that pool of knowledge is yours. It totally depends upon you the quantity you can get. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me and would be doing to all the other fortunate ones.
Mihir Katiyar
I couldn't manage well in my first attempt in JEE Examination. All my dreams were shattered and I lost self-confidence. At this point of time I joined Edupace Academy and met the golden trio. Firstly coming to Shatru sir, who made a subject like Maths just a cake walk for me. I could come up to sir with any kind of problem and sir was there with a solution. Secondly Santosh sir, who made me fall for Physics (a subject about which I knew nothing about before joining Edupace). He focused on concepts and the widest variety of sums. He used to teach me late till 11 pm not even caring he has to go all the way back to Barrackpore. Lastly Giren sir, whose vast knowledge in organic chemistry used to amaze me. He taught me inorganic in a very easy to remember form. Thank you for making me today who I am. The reason for my success is you people. And looking back to those days seems to me that you all made a miracle in me.
Tamaghno Sarkar
NIT Trichy
I always dreamt of being in the best institute in the best branch. And here I am today pursuing Computer Science (B.Tech) in IIT-Bombay. A large reason for this dream coming true is Shatru Sir. From Day one of his coaching he was very interactive with the class. His motive is to make every student understand before moving on. This helped me cover a lot in the coaching itself. And in case of doubts he was always available for clarifying them. He used to keep the atmosphere joyous while teaching which clearly showed his passion towards teaching. This also enabled everyone to be involved in the class lecture. His friendly behaviour enables the students to interact more in class and I used to enjoy attending his classes. Until the very last day before the exams he kept us motivated by giving us ideas on how to approach the papers and not to panic under any circumstance. It were his vital inputs because of which I can pursue my dream today. I am very thankful to him for all he has done and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.
Navneet Agarwal
lIT-Bombay (Computer Science)
Shatrudha sir taught us maths in 12th grade. His mantra was simple: read the question, understand the question and answer the question. He explained complicated calculus topics very lucidly. His problem collection and techniques in co-ordinate geometry are awesome .He always used nice little tricks to solve complicated questions conceptually .I was really benefited from his teaching .
Pramit Das
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (B. Stat)
Shatru Sir taught me mathematics in class 12. His lucid explanation of concepts and intuitive approach to problems greatly improved my ability to understand and tackle various questions. He was always ready to clear doubts. even if it meant a 4-hour session or a long conversation on the phone, and I have personally benefitted a lot by having him as my teacher. Apart from being a mathematics teac her. Shatru Sir is a friend, philosopher and guide. He went out of his way to motivate all his students, and to encourage them in case they were in low spirits. His motivational lectures. frequent text messages, and inquiries into the state of our preparations ensured that we never forgot the ultimate aim, and that we always strived to achieve it. He was always there to advise us regarding our problems, and went out of his way to help every student regardless of their academic performance. On the whole. Shatru Sir has played an instrumental role in my preparation, and I am extremely grateful for having him as my mathematics teacher for the JEE.
Advay Pal
AIR 2808 (JEE Advanced 2015)
joined National University of Singapore (NUS)
First of all Shatrudha Sir is more like a friend who inspired me than a teacher. He makes difficult topics like P&C seems easy by using pictorial analysis, which proved immensely helpful. From WBJEE 10.000 ranker in my first attempt, to getting into BITS Pilani, a lot of it owe to Shatrudha Sir, who taught me to think objectively and cared deeply for my progress as he does for all his students. Thank You once again Sir.
Sanjay Ghosh
BITS Pilani (Computer Science)
Shatrudha sir is an awesome teacher, mentor and a good friend. He maintains a friendly environment during the lectures which makes us really comfortable to clarify doubts. Most awesome thing about him is that, you can call him at any time, ask doubts and arrange doubt clearing session. Apart from this, the tips and tricks about preparation and attempting paper are really helpful. During JEE these tricks helped me save time and score more. I am really thankful for the one year I spent with him.
Aman Ranjan
ISM Dhanbad (Computer Science & Engg)
Shatru sir is the reason why I am here. He can make anything easy for the student. His teaching technique is unique ... he changed the meaning of a "problem". His unique teaching method was really helpful for the beginners. Overall he is more a friend than a teacher which makes him more special.
Tathagata Biswas
IIT Bombay
Shatrudha sir has helped me a lot. He prepared me better than anyone else could for JEE Advanced Maths. He had a unique approach to teaching, which did not always focus on rote learning. His behavior towards us was more like a friend than a teacher, and this helped to form a strong bond between us. He focused on the basic concepts and cleared all our doubts whenever we asked him. He has a big role in ensuring that I scored well in JEE Advanced 2014.
Avirup Kundu
lIT-BHU, Varanasi
Shatrudha Sir has always been supportive at every instant. Be it the lectures which he has very interestingly taught cracking a few jokes in between or a motivational message during our exams, he was always there to guide us. Also, he can explain difficult concepts very easily and looks personally to each and every student's weaknesses and strong points.
Atlanta Chakraborty
IISc Bangalore
Shatru sir as we all address him. Like his name he himself intrigued me from his very first lecture. His lucid and simple, yet concrete, substantial and no nonsense approach to everything is very appealing. Be it mathematics, what he taught me or just any general topic of interest he discusses. As far as his classes are concerned, well other than teaching the subject well, he found out these innovative methods and loopholes and all those tricky areas where we as students face problems. And he simplified it quite satisfactorily. Thanks to his 'crazy streak' his classes were enjoyable. Also, He is more of a friend than a teacher. His efforts in different ways to help students and personal attention is gratifying. I haven't been his student for very long, but in that short span of time I was happy.
Archishna Bhattacharya
St. Xavier's College, Kolkata
I, Arkadyuti Ghosh Roy, was extremely lucky to have Mr Shatrudha Prasad as my teacher and mentor. His effortless method of teaching was an experience only fortunate pupils like us could have. Not only a teacher he was also apt in understanding our mentality to a great extent.. Spending quality time with him in his class was always what we looked forward to every week. I will always remain indebted to him for the pain he has taken in making me successful in my academic career.
Arkadyuti Ghosh Roy
NIT Durgapur
"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." Shatru sir, is one such great teacher, who not only inspired me but like a compass gave me direction and activated the magnet of curiosity, knowledge, wisdom and confidence. I was glad you were my teacher. Thank you for your patience. You helped me see what i could be. You made me a better person.
Tanya Singh
MCKV Institute of Technology
Shatrudha sir taught me mathematics for JEE in classes 11-12 and trust me his classes were a level apart. His teaching was a perfect blend of theoretical concept and practical problem solving. He made it sure that everyone in class followed what he taught. For any topic he would start with basic theory and then advance to problem solving. He made it sure every possible type of problems for the topic are covered. And he would also make us solve some "out of the box" problems which are generally difficult to find in books for JEE. He was a stern believer that maths cannot be learnt without solving problems, so he made sure we practice a lot of sums. also he took a lot of tests periodically so that we could judge our preparations and thus improve our overall preparation. As a person, he was probably the most approachable teacher who ever taught me. He was more like an elder brother who was always ready to guide throughout our jee preparation. With his friendly behavior he made classes really enjoyable and learning a totally different experience.
Avinab Saha
IIT Kharagpur
I joined crash course under Shatru Sir and within a month there was a vast difference in me, my hold on the subject became stronger and also became conceptually more sound.Tough topics like, Calculus, 3D geometry etc became easier for me to handle. He taught me question patterns, exam trends and important sections from which generally more questions are asked in the exams. He also guided me to study precisely and not exhaustively. With his help i succeeded to get my favorite branch and institute. Studying under Shatru sir has been a turning point of my life. He also provided formula sheets for all topics which is like a boon for students. He has a special ability to know the strength and weak points of his students and then he make us work hard to overcome weak areas. I owe my succcess to him !!
Ashu Choudhary
IIEST Shibpur
Maths had been a serious struggle for me all my life. But then I was taught by a man with the most ironic name, 'Shatru' (whic h means villain in Hindi) A person so amicable and friendly and also thorough in maths was like the dream combination a student would want in his teacher. His ways of teaching made maths a fun subject. Always motivating and making us believe in ourselves, Shatru Sir seemed to have our back at all times. It was great having him as my Math Teacher!
Avishek Ray
Purdue University, USA
Shatru Sir taught me Maths in class 10 & 11. His teaching methodology is unique, as he takes a lot of care to interact with the students while teaching but maintains a steady pace at the same time. He pays attention to the probable places where a student might get stuck while solving a problem and addresses it accordingly. His classes indeed were a lot of fun and he sometimes used to give pep talks which boosted our confidence. I have learned a lot from him and it was a great experience to be taught by Sir.
Baidik Chandra
Jadavpur University (CSE)
Cracking lIT JEE with a good rank, one of my biggest dreams was a very difficult job especially for someone not so good in mathematics. If it had not been for one man, my maths teacher Mr. Shatrudh Prasad, it would have remained a dream. I was benefited the most from the notes, the training, the ideas and most importantly the outlook of any competitive exam of Shatrudh sir. He was instrumental in pin-pointing our weak areas and giving advice to us regarding everything although we were too young to understand them at that time. But nonetheless, I am very grateful to him for everything he bestowed upon us. I wish him all the best for his endeavors in making those of the students' easier.
Arghyadeep Paul
lIT Kharagpur (Mechanical Engg)
When all the other teacher says tumse na ho payga,our shatru sir kept on motivating till the end, even the deadliest of the chapter he presents in such a profounding manner that u never forget the concepts, maths is not just rote by learning but also game ,the more u play the more succesful u become.thats how he taught us. and we hear the same thing in college too ..... !
Arghadeep Mandai
Jadavpur University (CSE)
When I entered plus 2 I didn't know about the IITs that much hence was not so ambitious to get them. But it was only in class XII when Shatru Sir took my maths class that he infused in me the utmost desire to crack the hardest exam in India. With his constant support I could crack it besides cracking many other exams like KVPY, NEST, NSEP,NSEC,NSEA. Before meeting Sir I used to look down on maths as a dry abstract subject but sir showed me that maths was a beautiful subject and as dynamic and as visual as physics or chemistry, thus creating interest and love for the subject which I believe is the trademark of a good teacher. Thus l owe Shatru Sir a lot for helping me to love maths.
Saranyu Chattopadhyay
IIT Kharagpur
JBNSTS Scholar
Mathematics had been a nightmare for me till I came across Shatru sir. His inspirational ways of teaching helped me to feel free to at least attempt every question in the exam hall. Sir's classes are extremely interactive and we never faced a problem in communicating our difficulties. Sir is a perfect teacher, friend and roll model for each one of us.
Sohini Sau
NIT Trichy
I, Srishti Samadder, am a student of lIT Kharagpur enrolled in the 4 year B.tech. course of Chemical Engineering. The very reason I can proudly introduce myself as such is solely because of the contribution made by our beloved Shatrudh Sir and my parents. I don't have words enough to thank Sir, for what he has done for us. I wasn't a very studious student, just studying before the day of exam was my routine because of which I didn't prepare anything for JEE in class 11. It was only during the ending months of class 12 I realised how much I was lagging in completing my syllabus all because of the constant persuasion by Shatru sir ,the time he took to make me realise that I was far behind others and of course his incredible teaching. When I was in a panic ky mode he was the one who came forward and helped me study in an organised way. He made notes for every chapter including all the important formulae which made it very easy to study from and solve problems. He recommended good books to study from and his way of teaching is unique in the sense that it is very interactive in nature entwined with humour to involve the students and make them listen, half the student's work is done if they just listen to him in class. He is always open to new problem solving ideas from students as well and is available all the time to help students clear their doubts, be it over the phone or in a doubt session. Not only did he help me with maths but he also tried in his best way to tell me the important topic s to study in physic sand chemistry as well from his own experience as an IITian. It was really a whole new learning experience being taught by such an incredible teacher.
Srishti Samadder
lIT Kharagpur
Master shatrudh prasad (affectionately known as "Shatru sir") played a huge role in my preparation for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. He paid special and specific attention towards my preparation and guided me along the right path, pointing out mistakes in concepts, strengthening them and providing valuable advice. He always kept a positive, never say die attitude. he kept his faith in us even if we were not up to the mark. He shared with us his experience, and constantly motivated us towards the final goal. His motto "Now Or Never" always rang in my ears and helped me stay focused towards my goal.
Kunal Roychoudhury
IIEST Shibpur
I have studied under Shatrudh sir for only a year but the way he explained crucial concepts made me almost visualise maths. It was because of him that calculus didn’t seem difficult at all. All my doubts would be cleared on regular basis be it in class or over phone or any extra class. He never left any of my doubts unattended. He covered every lesson in class thoroughly followed by assignment sheets. Even in a class of so many students he would try his best to attend to each and every student. He encouraged and discussed all possible approaches to a particular sum which further helped in strengthening our concepts. He was open to all ideas in the class. He encouraged us in every possible way to do our best. He motivated us throughout and always kept our spirits high to achieve our objectives. Shatrudh sir was something more than a teacher. He didn't have just academic relations with his students but was like a friend and guide throughout the journey of class twelve!!
Ushasi Ghosh
NIT Durgapur
The person I am, talking about isn't your regular cliche-d "maths sir". Probably the best maths faculty i've come across in my life as of now. I have been a student of Shatrudh sir's for the past three years. The unmatched ability to simplify the most complicated of theorems and calculations in all his lectures is what separates sir from the masses. There were classes solely dedicated to motivate us towards our goal, helping us to obtain that extra mile in the long run. Sir's patience and dedication towards each and every student in class is something noteworth. #NowOrNever too ..... !
Rahul Poddar
NIIT University
I am highly grateful for the help you have provided me during my JEE preparation. Your teaching methodology has helped me to understand a concept from different angles. The excellent notes that you have provided helped me to remember the key concepts of each topic. Because of your friendly approach towards students, I was able to clear my doubts whenever I had any. Further your motivational speech helped me to continue through this rough journey and reach my goal. Because of your selfless devotion towards students, your guidance is indispensable to any JEE aspirant. I wish you all the best for your future.
Sandipan Haldar
lIT Guwahati
Shatru Sir- the reason mathematics is no more a 'shatru' to me. You taught in such a manner that the concepts of trigo, inverse, calculus still last in my brain. It was an amazing experience to have you as a teacher. 'A teacher is someone who is a friend, philosopher, guide-all rolled into one.' -No other statement could have best defined you than this. Blessed to have the privilege of being taught by you, sir. ‘Once your student Always your student’.
Debasmita Saha
The maths syllabus of JEE advanced is undoubtedly the toughest one and I was never really confident of scoring good marks in it. But thanks to Shatru Sir, he gave me the proper guidance and motivation that I managed to score decent in the final paper. His attitude towards students and the way he explains all the difficult topics are incomparable. Always ready to help the students even after regular class hours, he inspired a lot. I'm really grateful to him for my success in lIT JEE 2015.
Manidipa Pandey
IIT Kharagpur
Shatru is not just a teacher but a true coach. He understands the students' competence level and tailors his approach based on that. His mode of explaining critical concepts is truly amazing. Getting trained under him for competitive examinations gives us the necessary confidence to crack the test. Above all he is someone with an aura positive energy which further motivates us to stretch and deliver high performance.
A.T. Kaarthik
NMIMS - Mumbai
He is probably one of the most affable teachers you will meet, without any semblance of irritation, repeat I explain a thing 100 times till you've got it. Will take out time post classes to help you if need be. Identify where you need more help & assess you to help focus better. He is definitely an inspiring teacher. Will always remember his contribution in clearing any entrance. Always grateful to you. Thank you so much
Shweta Govindarajan
Symbiosis Institute of Media & Cornmunication
Shatru sir is a brilliant teacher and he makes a really complex subject like maths seem pretty easy as well as enjoyable. He is always there whenever we need him. He motivates us as well as inspires us to pursue our dreams and goals no matter how hard or long the journey might seem. AII in all he is one of the most hardworking and inspiring teachers I've come across.
Nandita Biswas
Jadavpur University
Shatrudha sir is one of the most patient and helpful teachers I have ever seen in my life .. His way of teaching and making us understand the goals of our life was remarkable .The environment that he creates in his class is one that every student dreams of .Without Shatrudha sir, I do not know where i would be. You really made a major difference in my life. All of those times that you have gone the extra mile for me, I did notice. Your belief in me makes me believe in myself. Thank you Shatru sir .. You were and will always be the best teacher.
Hardick Chatterjee
VIT Vellore
Shatru sir is one of the most caring teachers I've ever seen. He was always very friendly and approachable. He taught us in such a way that his classes never appeared boring. He explained things very well to make the basics clear and also made us solve different types of problems in the class itself. In almost every class, he used to motivate us for studying hard. He gave special attention to each and every student of the class. He was so concerned, that 2 days before the class he used to send sms to each one of us for reminding the homework. It was really nice to have a teacher like him.
Jhilam Sinha
Satru sir- the name itself is a motivational word for me. the man who changed my weakest sub maths into my most scoring one in jee, he is the one who's teaching is more like a success mantra than just notes and formulas. and what to say abt his teaching methods- adjectives are not enough to define him, truly speaking, excellent teaching skills, makes topics easy and always a sporting mood that generates a zeal amongst students. a teacher, a friend, a guide and always motivating let the situation be of any odds, his tips are more than a student wants and we all remained eager for his c lass. truly speaking he's the person who totally changed my life, did for me more than what a teacher. Can ever contact with him and hope I never lose it.
Himan Kumar kundu
NIT Durgapur
Shatru Sir taught me for most of 12th grade. He was a diligent and sincere educator. A person who always motivated me to do the best I could and helped me through all the times I felt any sort of doubt or uncertainty about the future. He was always very straight forward and practical about JEE prep. He'd screw you over if you didn't do things right and he'd back you up and guide you onto the right path. His teaching methodologies were perfect for JEE and his main strengths calculus and combinatorics made up more than half the entire paper of JEE. He cleared concepts well and gave solid questions that reflected the actual paper. As with most things, practice makes perfect, and this he understood and implemented well. A gem of a person and a fantastic teacher.
Rohit Sar
lIT Kharagpur
Shatru sir has played an indispensable role in helping me prepare for JEE. Sir's teaching methodology is to the point, effective and fun. He constantly kept us motivated and gave his 100% to extract the best out of us. His test series towards the end helped me a lot to get rid of exam fever. Sir is the most fun-loving, energetic and positive teacher I have ever met. Always kept the class in happy mood ... cracked some funny jokes. He is like a friend to us and not just a teacher.
Sirsendu Sarkar
lIT Kanpur
Sir thanks for giving me the opportunity, firstly I must admit that you were the one who made me believe in myself, without which nothing would be possible, you made maths a hell lot easier, with you application of graphs, "ek photo toh banta hain", you made classroom study really fun with your mix of studies and jokes, the formulae sheet you provided us before exam covered all my bases, I still remember how you told us study hard 10 months and you will never have to regret it, later on in the last stages I wanted to attend only your classes, sir you will always remain hamara shatru sir,
Shibashish Mukherjee
NIT Durgapur (Electrical Engg)
I had an average score in my class 10th examination. After moving to Kolkata, the first teacher I interacted in my coaching centre is 'Shatru Sir' and trust me as I say you, it was a life changing moment for me. Unprofessional, supportive and dedication are the words that comes in my mind while thinking about Sir. After god and my parents the only person l owe my success to it’s Shatru Sir. Good problem solving skills are unmatched and he always finds new and innovative ways to solve problems. He has helped many children achieve success and I am proud to be one of them.
Abbishek Paul
IIT BHU, Varanasi
Maths is never an Easy subject, and under pressure it becomes very tedious sometimes, making someone understand Mathematics is a very difficult job, and well Shatrudha Sir was just perfect, His Unorthodox methods always worked wonders for me. His great teaching methods, cleared my concepts in the subject very much. Another thing about sir, is the constant motivation I got, It boosted my confidence level, and today I thank Shatrudha Sir for where I am. @ really thanks sir, writing this thing kind of reminded of all the struggles you made for us.
Arnab Mondal
Electronics and Communication Engg Heritage Institute of Technology.
JEE was always a tough competition, where only knowledge is not sufficient, we had to set perfect exam strategies and overcome the nervous pressure. And for that we seriously require a great guide who could put themselves in a student's shoes. Shatrudh sir played that exact role for me while my JEE preparations. I seriously owe him a lot for being a great "friend. philosopher and guide" at that tough time of mine!
Pratik Karmakar
Jadavpur University
They say life is comprised of tangible responses and ones that you do not understand. The art of education is something that follows this law in inexplicable ways. You might be an excellent student, with excellent teachers, and yet get nowhere. Teaching goes beyond the idea of how much you know. It proceeds into the realm of a connection. one between the teacher and a student. And Shatrudha Prasad is one man whom I have seen has made that effort to establish a connect with every student in his class. After graduating from my higher secondary and with multiple colleges to choose from, it took some time off to pursue the mathematics I like. I was surprised to find that I actually knew mathematics, the way the subject flowed and ebbed. And I have probably only him to thank for it. Sharudha Prasad has his way of teaching students, the unusual clarity in ideas, the effort to suggest examples for ease of understanding and most importantly, treating us like we were friends. The toughest job is to come down to the level of a teenager and make him understand ideas, something which he did very well. He also never gave up hope on students. In the world today, a vast majority of the people believe in negative psychology, to tell a child that he is ignorant in order for him to do well. It never works, and Shatrudha Sir knew that. Never have I heard him waver from his constant positive motivation. Infact, he used to take it a step further and introduce incentives for us to do well, incentives that would make sense to a student. Shatrudha Prasad is a teacher that every student needs, and I am glad that I had him as mine.
Adway Gupta
St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
I am writing this testimonial to appreciate and thank all the efforts that shatru sir took to make me understand his subject. Thanks a lot sir for making me understand maths in a way i had not done before. While teaching he made sure we understood the material, be it the concepts, graphs or sums. Talking about graphs i was especially weak at it but one year under his guidance surely nailed my concepts on graphs and how useful it is to apply to the problems. If I had any difficulties with a sum back at home i would just text him or send a pic of it at watsapp and he would get back to me. He is punctual, he is intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. In short he is fun to learn with ..
Shounak Banerjee
Heritage Institute of technology
Shatrudh sir was very helpful during my JEE preparation. His approach is easy to understand and he uses simple and clear language to explain tough concepts. He also regularly held doubt clearing sessions, and was a constant source of conc eptual and emotional support. A sizeable part of my success in JEE Advanced 2014 can be attributed to him.
Debayan Chaudhury
lIT Madras
The subject I heard to be the toughest was maths. This fear vanished when I started my preparation under the guidance of Mr. Shatrudha Prasad. He made my preparation a lot more easier and gradually mathematics became my favorite subject. I gained confidence in cracking the toughest problems and started scoring good marks in my tests. The best thing about him is that there is no formal relationship in the class. When he is teaching, we feel friendly like it's our elder brother guiding us for success. You never hesitate to clear your doubts with him and no matter how many times you ask the same question, he always shows patience and explains the concept properly. He kept motivating us towards our goal by occasionally delivering motivational speeches in the class. He also provides the much needed emotional and moral support during this tough time. Also provided us with tips and tricks to perform under time pressure of the exams and not to commit silly mistakes during the test. His classes were never boring and always fun filled with lots of jokes which made us feel at ease. Eventually, I cleared IIT-JEE and BITSAT. I also scored good marks in my board exams. I feel that this could not have been possible without the able guidance of Shatru Sir. And to this day I am grateful to this man who is in a true sense, an excellent teacher, friend and mentor.
Abhisneh Singh
BITS Pilani
Shatrudha sir has been very inspirational for me. He is a great teacher with a unique style of teaching. His teaching allows students to understand difficult concepts quite easily while at the same time creating interest for learning more. He is very friendly and has always been ready to solve doubts whenever i needed him. He is and always will be one of the best teachers i have ever come across.
Ayan Majumder
IIT Kharagpur
Every lecture has been an impactful one. Maths is not something people just land up doing great from reading a couple of big books. It needs the proper guidance and care and daily backing up from someone who is an expert in it. For me no one would have been a better pillar than Shatrudha Sir. He had a very creative yet crude method of making even the most difficult theorems seem very simplistic. Regular practice problems, chapter wise selective questions, all of his material benefited me. I was an average student with little interest in maths before he came to start teaching me, ever since it has been a pleasure learning from him and growing better than ever. But the most compelling portion of his teaching was his patience on students. If not for him, i would not have been where i am today.
Saurav Saha
Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata
Dear sir, Even today whenever i think about MATHS , your class pops into my mind, Because it’s you who taught us not only how to solve maths in seconds but also to love maths and sleep, eat, drink and talk with maths ... You have been the only teacher who said "dekho yeh sum tumse kuch keh raha hai". You removed the MATH 'O'MANIA and made it our friend. Your classes, your super friendly approach and most importantly your encouraging and guiding attitude will guide me throughout my life. THANK YOU would be just too less for the indelible mark you left in our lives . 1 wish you to be here with us forever and always ....
Debarpita Pande
Cracking JEE ADVANCED is really tough and for me the mathematics posed a hurdle much tougher than physic sand chemistry. JEE mathematics requires much more than formulae and techniques. It is a culmination of formulae, strategies and intuition. Shatrudh sir helped me immensely in improving my mathematics skills from a novice to a person capable of dealing with the innovative questions that JEE poses before us .His teaching methodology of focusing primarily on technique based problem solving and building strong basics improved my performance in mathematics. He was always present to solve my problems in academics and supported me at times when i lost confidence and was not able to handle the pressure of JEE preparation.
Sohom Chakraborty
lIT Kharagpur (Mechanical Engg)
Sir has given me the platform for success. With sir's help my rank in the coaching centre improved and henceforth my confidence which helped an average student like me to secure a rank in IIT JEE. Sir always focus on the concepts rather than just mugging up which helped us to do well in any type of competitive exams.
Sounak Som
Jadavpur University
Mr Shatrudha Prasad is a great maths teacher. He has helped me a lot. A very interactive teacher who will guide his student perfectly. His way of teaching was fun and interesting. Maths gets easier when taught by him. In short he is an ideal teacher.
Maths had never got my attention before. It was just after shatrudh sir started teaching that i could actually visualise the subject. I started taking interest in it and as a result my score improved. He took special effort to make our vision crystal clear and he sweated it for every spec of doubt we had. Every student must have a teacher like him in all the subjects so that we actually feel what is on paper.
Ankita Bose
Shatru Sir, U made the class think about solving the problems from various perspectives. You always had the multiple solutions to a problem. U used to discuss algorithms of solving various problems thus covering all the concepts. best thing about ur class was you are a very good communicator thus u always talk to students regarding their doubts and make sincere efforts in solving if somebody still has doubt u used to assign separate time slot to students so that they can make their concepts crystal clear and ur quality which i personally liked the most is u provide equal time, equal opportunity, equal space to every single student. Your friendly behavior is one of the guiding force which always pushes the class to perform better in various competitive Exams.
Anjali Kedia
Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata
During my preparation for lIT JEE the toughest challenge that I faced was maths, the wide variety of problems and concepts were seemingly impossible for me to grasp. That is where Shatru sir, our maths teacher came to the rescue for myself and several others like me. One of the best I have ever seen, his approach to the problems was radically different from most of the other teachers. He focused on improving our concepts which was followed by solving a large array of problems. Sometimes the students were given chance to explain a concept on board. anyone could raise any queries during the class which were solved then and there. The classes were supplemented by regular tests which added to our understanding of the subject. also quality time was given for assessment, to find out our strengths and weaknesses. He was our teacher, guide and a friend. We could approach him with a problem at any time of the day and he would solve it as soon as he get time. This friendliness and approachability made him all the more unique. We all owe him a lot for our success.
Abhishek Mandal
lIT Kharagpur
Few people have inspired and motivated me to be better than I was than Mr Shatrudha Prasad. Called 'Shatru Sir' by his students, he was almost universally loved by them for more reasons than one. Aside from being a great educator, he possessed certain unique character traits that made him a teacher in the truest sense of the word. His subject was taught in class with a great passion and zeal, albeit in an unconventional manner, very unlike most of the other classes. Proper and succinct explanations were invariably provided for every topic, concepts were made clear, and problem solving skills were honed to near perfection. Sir was always ready to help us in his subject, always went out of his way to clear our doubts. Apart from being an excellent professor of mathematics, sir was approachable, friendly, and didn't possess any airs of being better' than us, his students. His gregarious, amiable, and altruistic personality towards his students earned him great respect and affection both inside and outside the classroom. Sir was more than a mere teacher, he was a friend, and a motivator to us students, helping us deal with our problems, both mathematical and not, even when he was not obliged to. I can safely say that Shatru Sir is a teacher of the highest caliber, in every sense of the word. He has been instrumental to whatever successes I have attained in my academic career, and I am certain he will continue to be the same for new students under his guidance, for he is truly passionate about what he does.
Aakash Khandelwal
NIT Durgapur
I am Tania Dasgupta, currently pursuing B. tech. I was a student of a three year integrated classroom programme and it proved to be an excellent foundation for JEE preparation. One of my teachers, like Shatrudh sir, has always helped me, supported me and made the learning procedure worth enjoying. His approach to teaching draws one to think on their own. It helps one to get better grounded in the concepts and also boosts up their confidence level. I would like to thank him for his support, motivation and help.
Tania Dasgupta
KIlT, Bhubaneswar
Never too busy for u shatru sir ..words cant describe ur teaching abilities but i would definetly say this that u r probably the best maths teacher i have ever come across ... u made things go so easy ... the atmosphere in ur class is something else where we do maths with fun ..i genuinely say this that i really do enjoy ur classes . the way u present a topic is really xceptional and u always try to make our basics clear .... whenever i needed up help ... u have always helped me from silly to tough questions u hav always helped me in solving that question ... .i really do admire u and love u.
Biswajit Panda
I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning, Shatru Sir is that person-he's skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will help you improve you, not just during the course, but beyond. He's a constant source of encouragement and he never shy away from any problem which a student may face in academics or otherwise.
Archit Sarda
Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata
Sir ... thanks for being the best teacher ever. You not only taught us mathematics but for mentoring us in so many ways ... you give us time for extra classes that helped us a lot in improving our ranks. Your every class is full of love and passion. It is all those little things you did for us like we were your very own siblings, scolding us when we did not perform to our potential, laughing with us even though our jokes made no sense, treating us with so much respect. Thanks for constantly encouraging me every step of the way. Thanks for showing us that learning could be creative and fun process. You guide me, you support me, Thanks for everything.
Argha Das
University Institute of Technology, Burdwan University
There are many good teachers that I've studied under in my student life who have an amazing hold of their subjects. While SHATRUDH sir is undoubtedly one of them, what sets him apart is how he connects with his students as if he's one of us. Preparing for entrance exams is a mentally exhausting process, and he stayed in touch with me and all my classmates throughout our course and even beyond it just to lift our confidence up. And what I remember the most is this text he kept sending and telling us from time to time throughout the process : "Now or Never."
Saikat Bhaumik
Jadavpur University
Shatru sir helped me for succeeding in Engg Entrance Exams. His classes never got boring. He always focused on interactive method of teaching. All students received equal attention in his class, moreover all doubts got properly addressed during class hours. He rarely used to keep off classes. He made a point to cover up syllabus well before to maximize revision in the class itself. He always maintained a cool temper while addressing doubts and a very friendly atmosphere during class. Most of the time he was readily approachable for doubt clearing after class hours. I call him a true IIT mentor for his ability to keep students motivated which serves as the key for success in IIT-JEE. His tips and tricks make maximum attempts accurately worked in all the exam ranging from our mock tests to IIT-JEE itself.
Sayan Biswas
Jadavpur University
Students are like travelers in a dark tunnel, and teachers are their true guiding light. This analogy right suits my Mathematics Teacher Mr. Shatrudha Prasad. Not to be confused with other Mathematics Teachers, Shatru Sir, lovingly called by us, had an approach different from that of others. With both fun and seriousness, topics are covered along with doubts. He was the one who helped us build a strong foundation in Mathematics, the advantage of which I'm even experiencing in a few topics of Engineering Mathematics. His lectures would surely help you go through both your Entrance and Board Exams.
Yours truly, Cdt. Saraiswarya Basak,
Tolani Maritime Institute,
Off Campus Programme of BITS Pilani.
I am Reshov Sadhukhan. I am a student of Shatrudha Sir, the best maths teacher i have ever met. He played an indispensable and vital role in shaping my preparation for the competitive exams. A teacher like him is really hard to find these days. He not only attends each student in the class but also clears doubt in one-on-one doubt removal sessions. Each and every topic is started from scratch and he moves on only after everybody has grasped the basic concept. His friendly attitude in the class makes everyone comfortable to share even the silliest of doubt. Sir constantly keeps everyone highly motivated towards the goal and gives eye-opening lectures before the commencement of class. Without his help, I wouldn't have survived in this competitive environment. Thank you sir.
Reshov Sadhukhan
NIT Durgapur
Nice to hear from you, Shatru Sir. You were one of the few teachers I have observed who have been able to connect with students to the extent that you have. In my honest opinion, Shatru Sir, this understanding of students' mindset allowed you to make concepts easier for us to grasp and made the classes exciting for us. Am missing your classes and hope you are still inspiring student like you inspired me.
Ranendra Nath Basu Mallick
IIT BHU, Varanasi
After class 12 when I joined fiitjee, I was confident tht I II be able to get a nic e result in competitive exams, but as days passed it seemed difficult. But I was lucky to have Shatrudha Sir as our maths fac ulty, he helped us a lot in understanding the problems and developing our skills. He was very friendly too, we could consult him any time about our problems and it helped us a lot in the long run. We were given many problem sheets whic h had various type of problems. Solving them helped out a lot. And finally he motivated us too, there were moments when i wanted to quit, but it was for him that i came bac k to trac k. Right now am in NI T Durgapur, and I am grateful to him for his help and support
Rajdeep Pal NIT
I was under the guidance of Shatru Sir (Shatrudha Prasad) for one year and this one year changed me a lot. The motivational speeches whenever I performed bad were always to be mentioned first. Sir taught us everything in friendly manner. Covering from the basics to the depths. His sense of humor is what made topics more and more interesting and hence classes were a real fun to attend. His doubt classes helped me a lot. Sir pointed out the ways we can boost our performance and guided us for JEE. He was the most friendly teacher I ever got and will always remain a person whom I admire.
Priyam Das
IIT Kharagpur
Hello. I am Mahima Bhargava,a student of VITUniversity (B-Tech in CSE) and a former student of Mr Shatrudha Prasad. His way of teaching is unique and he is the best teacher I ever had. He is a dedicated teacher, easily approachable who does his best to clear all doubts. He is a great mentor and has helped me a lot via his motivational speeches. I shall forever be grateful to him for all he has done for me. Thank you sir.
Mahima Bhargava
VIT University
Shatru sir teaches very well. His way of teaching allows one to indulge into studies and the student learns in much easy way. His friendly attitude towards his students allows every child to clear their doubts and solve their respective problems. I personally love his way of teaching and his friendly attitude towards us. Also not to mention his few motivational words which struck one's mind and inspires us to work harder.
Adesh Mishra
KIlT Bhubaneswar
When people ask me who supplied me the constant motivation to study hard consistently, the only person who comes to my mind is Shatru Sir. He is more of a friend than a petrifying teacher. I really enjoyed attending all his classes. Nobody is a failure or a topper in his class. What distinguishes him from other teachers is his idiosyncrasy of paying special attention to weak students. He makes sure that we use all our abilities to achieve the best results. He had never failed to complete the syllabus and had given us adequate time for revision and doubt clearing sessions. He is really passionate about teaching which, I believe, is the most important quality a teacher should possess. Lastly, all I would like to say is that - Thank You Sir!
Agnibha Roy
lIT Kharagpur
One of the best teachers I've had in my academic career. Direct, straight and above all friendly. Somewhere between the laughter, a difficult mathematics topic would get inside your head with ease. He was always there to sort out problems personally as a teacher and as a big brother. Yes I'm talking about Shatrudha Sir. Always been a pleasure being your student.
Deepayan Ghosh
NIT Durgapur.
shatru sir imbibes problem solving skill among his students by making them familiarize with varities of problems. Most of which are deemed difficult by average students not only that while solving a problem he doesn’t remain restrained in a particular approach rather he explores other strategies as well which equips the student tackle critical problems and finally he believes in "the more you sweat in practice the less u bleed during exam".
Rishav Dutta
IIEST Shibpur
Sir started teaching us when we were in class 12th . .final year of our preparation. His teaching hours used to be the best teaching hours in those six hours, where we learn how to approach a problem, analyze it and then solve it. Sir is more than a teacher, he is a friend.
Krishanu Kumar
SRM University
His classes were always something I'd look forward to and he made the various concepts very easy to grasp and thereby, the subject all the more interesting. He'd always stress on being very thorough with the fundamentals, an approach that's extremely important to have in every field of study. He'd reach out to all of us to clarify any doubts we had and he'd always motivate us toward our goal when we lost focus. So, a big thanks to you, sir for all the knowledge and advice you've shared with me!
Arka Banerjee
Presidency University
i would just say that there are my three favorite teachers. Shatru sir is one of them. Not only his teaching skills are good but he also shared some of his experience which help us cope in future. He is more than a teacher .. a mentor for us. He taught us every difficulty in simple way. give us many tips before exam. BUT MOST OF THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT HIS CRACKING JOKE BETWEEN THE TEACHING WHICH MAKE OUR MIND FRESH AND HELP TO SLOVE SUMS... Who ever met him will say same, I recommend every student who ask me for a good tutor ( but he is a mentor as well. :)
Arnab Haldar
Kalyani Govt Engg College
This is a report about a teacher who stands beside students during their rise and fall and himself tries hard for their bright, cosmic future. He really is capable of transforming a feeble-minded student into a strong, determined competitor through his powerful motivational lectures which really clears the pessimism from our minds and turns us into optimistic and promising students. Speaking about his way of teaching, I would say, it is inexplicable. It certainly cannot be compared. He stops where students don't understand, clears their confusion and then proceeds. He highlights the important areas for various competitive exams. He conducts tests which are so important for understanding students' level of comprehension. He is a well-behaved person. Absolutely nothing to tell on that issue. He even allows students to call him over the phone to clear their doubts whenever he is free. He is really very student-friendly. He sometimes makes us burst into laughter with his jokes which come as a bolt from the blue. It certainly frees us from the boredom of studies. He is the role model to look out for. He is certainly a promising teacher with his golden words" NOW OR NEVER". These three words are strong enough to increase the will-power and confidence of students. He really is capable of planting seeds.
VIT University. VELLORE
The two years of class 11th and 12th are a very crucial point in all of our lives. We need proper guidance and care to help us stay motivated and keep fighting for the ultimate aim. Shatru sir did exactly that. His inspirational speech on the first day of our class was an eye opener. Shatru sir's friendly nature and a fantastic approach to problems always set him apart from other mathematics teachers. He could identify the critical point of a problem easily and then we can do the rest ourselves. Which was very important for me to get prepared for the JEE. Shatru sir is a great teacher and person and I am thankful to him for teaching me mathematics (the JEE way) during my preparation days.
Hemendu Bagchi
NIT Durgapur
I'm glad to have Shatru sir as my teacher. He makes the class fun and interesting. I really appreciate it. In previous years, we were taught the basics of Maths, but through his class, my understanding has deepened. We're not sure whether we ever properly expressed how much we feel thankful to him for the help and influence he gave to us. He is more like a friend helping us in every possible way. In short he is fantastic, Resourceful, Agreeable, Nice, Caring, Incredible, Super Energetic. I am so grateful I got to be in your class. Thank you sir!!
Prasun Ghosh
KIlT University
First of all when you enter a class it's your enthusiasm which encourages us to study. You act as a friend rather than a bossy teacher, which helps every student to resolve the problems encountered very easily. You also gave real life examples to make a better understanding. You take it as your duty to complete both the syllabus at proper time and regular exams is a common thing in your classes. And the formulae notes just adds a cherry to the topping.
Himanshu Goel
SRM University
One of the reasons why I like math is the way Shatru Sir taught us. His unique teaching style, peppered with a riotous sense of humor helped us look at math from a visual standpoint. He was more like an elder brother than a teacher and motivated us to be good at what we did.
Pratik Patra
Institute of Engineering & Management,
Shatru Sir, You are a great teacher along with a great friend. The way you make maths simple and easy to understand is amazing. you are yourself a motivation! Thank you for the support you gave me in my preparation! Happy to have a Friend cum teacher by my side.
Ayan De
Techno India, Salt Lake
Shatru sir ... in one word the best teacher i ever got in my life. I had been with sir from class 10, and today whatever I am a huge credit goes to you sir. The way you motivated, explained the concepts and helped me during any problems, just made my preparation more fun. You just created my back bone for success.
Very efficient, right attitude, always motivated me to do better, one of those persons who will shape your career, Organized, will keep you interested even in the most boring topics, Shatru sir is one of those teachers whom one would love to have.
Akash Gupta
Kalyani Government Engineering College
As an IIT-JEE aspirant my journey from school till NIT was guided by some able personalities among which Shatru sir is the only person who played an instrumental role in shaping my career. He is the only teacher in my life who made the subject math so much lucid to me. When i was admitted in class 11 i met Sir, and from the very first day he started influencing me towards getting good rank in iit -jee. He has a unique quality of making the class a real fun and interesting one, he always gave personal attention to each and every student of the class,and cleared their basics. Sir always gave motivational speeches which is very much needed to stick you focus towards the goal. sir was available for us 24*7, he cleared my doubts whenever i needed, however small the doubt was, sir was always there like a constant support. I still vividly remember his last speech to me "there are many players who play better than sachin but the difference is Sachin got the platform and they didn't. So lIT and NIT gives you the platform to build you a golden future for yourself' So cracking Jee is not difficult if you are focused and under the able guidance teachers like Shatru Sir.
Alapan Biswas
NIT Durgapur
I can write a book on ur way of teac hing ..u r d best teacher who is like a friend to his students .. ur way of solving questions is par excellence ..shatru sir. ... he not only teaches maths but can also help his students in physics and chemistry too to a certain extent....as he helped us… u put all ur efforts to teach a student.... u do every possible thing to make a student understand ... he has a great sense of humor because of which his classes are never boring .... actually none of his classes r boring .... he teaches with all his interest..
Paritosh Kumar
Delhi Technological University (Formely Delhi College of Engineering)
The way Shatru sir teaches and takes care of his students, is simply incredible. AII the doubts are cleared with special attention. AII concepts are well explained and automatically interest grows in the subject. Undoubtedly, he is one the best teachers i have ever come across. Special attention is given to each and every student. The class is always disciplined and students are always motivated towards their final goal.
Pratapaditya Ghosh
Jadavpur University
Shatru sir had been an excellent teacher to me. His teaching had helped me overcome my weakness in maths. Moreover, i learned to apply certain shortcuts that are vital for competitive exams like JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. He has a very interesting teaching method and likes to keep the mood light in the class. He was also very helpful towards us and was always available for doubts. He was a great motivation to me.
Rishav Guha
lIT (BHU), Varanasi
JEE is always a tough nut to crack where not only knowledge is sufficient but also ur promptness is being tested. You do need a proper guidance to get it through. Shatru sir really played a crucial role for me, not only in problem solving but also his motivational speeches really urged me to get the best out. i really appreciate all he had done for me and hope you all will enjoy his teaching and company ..
Tanmoy Saha
Netaji Subhash Engineering college
Shatrudha sir was my maths teacher during my +2. Maths has always been one of my favorite subject and was pretty much the same under his guidance. The thing that changed was that I started to "LOVE" maths. We students have a tendency to study our curriculum just to score marks. It was under his guidance that i began to study to enhance my knowledge. I started to understand the deep concepts of chapters which made study more appealing than ever before. Shatrudha sir is a true guardian. He will take it as his responsibility to make students understand the concepts taught in class, doesn't matter if he had to take extra classes to do so. He will keep a stern eye on whether students are completing their work. At the same time, he would be the one who would crack a joke in the middle. He will be the one who would provide you the necessary motivation to achieve your goals. I have been very fortunate to study under him.
Your lectures strengthened my concepts & were useful in clearing my doubts. Your method of teaching is too good, earlier I feared of maths but your way of teaching helped me to have a good grip on the subject. Your readiness to help at anytime via mobile, whatsapp etc. was a good approach of clearing doubts because of my lack of availability of time to meet you personally. Your friendly discussions on topics made me involve more & more in maths & helped in clearing basics which helped me in JEE, KVPY maths. I feel really blessed to have got a great teacher like you.
Surajit Mondal
IISc Bangalore
I was actually lucky to get a guru like Shatru sir. When I started my +2 I was always a bit doubtful about where I would stand at the end of two years (in terms of which college I would end up getting) , but as soon as I started getting his guidance I started being rich in self-confidence. His problem solving techniques and way of making us understand thing was all together a unique experience. He is someone who gives his 100% whatever he is indulged in, may it be teaching or may it his own hardwork for his personal goals. Briefly I feel elated to be a student of a special teacher like him.
Amit Dey
Kalyani Govt Engg College
Gettng tuitions from shatru sir is not only a great experience but also very knowledgable. the ways he interacted with me in my subjects helped me too lose fear in it.. his way of making students understand is i think not present in most of Teachers. He is just Ike a friend, guide, philosopher.
Aliviya Mitra
Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology and Management
Shatru sir, if I have to describe your methods in a word then it would be ‘awesome’. What you taught us in two years were enough to remember the whole thing for next 10 years. Sir. your teaching methods. your attitude. your humor. your friendliness are great. If a student, who is afraid of maths follows Shatru sir's method will not only forget his fear but also he will love the subject.
Shounak Chatterjee
Jadavpur University (CSE)
To, The teacher who made me love mathematics, When I passed 10 th standard examination, i was pretty enthusiastic about taking up science, but the enthusiasm started to wear off pretty soon. i was tired from all the hard work and it was not as easy as i thouqht. Then, you shatru sir, carne into my life. you were so energetic, so kind. and you were teaching the subject that i hated most , mathematics. you opened up my eyes sir.. you showed me all the funs. I am grateful to you, sir. thank you for all the efforts you made
Saptarshi Majumdar
IISc, Banglore
It has been a few months I joined college after clearing the JEE. During my school days I took coaching classes where I had come across dearest Shatrudha sir. He was not only a teacher but also a friend to all my batch mates and made maths seem like a fun puzzle to solve. He always motivated us to realize our goals and purpose. His classes were honestly the most interesting and effective classes to me in both school and coaching combined. I was really blessed and lucky to have an ideal teacher like him and I whole-heartedly thank him for his contribution.
Srijan Biswas
Jadavpur University (CSE)
My name is Srinjoy Banerjee. I am very lucky that I got Mr. Shatrudha Prasad as my Maths teacher who was also a very supportive friend. I was an lIT JEE aspirant. He being an IITian inspired me and my batch a lot. He made Mathematics great fun. His way of disseminating knowledge is extremely unique. He motivated us a lot. I am currently studying Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in National Institute of Technology Durgapur. Thank you sir for being my mentor.
Srinjoy Banerjee
NIT Durgapur
Shatru sir is the best maths teacher one can have while preparing for JEE. He helped me to understand the concepts very well. His teaching not only concentrated on improving my JEE rank but also ensured that I score good marks in boards as well. The doubt classes he provided, the quizzes and exams he took after completing each chapter boosted me with confidence and helped me to develop a good command on the concepts. He is great mentor cum motivator. He always helped me out whenever i needed. Thank u sir for all your help.
Subhasish Sikdar
NIT Durgapur
Really I can't express my gratitude to sir in few sentences, but as I have to tell about him, he is excellent in teaching. He has sound knowledge in all topics in maths especially in combinatorics, probability etc. What extraordinary thing belong to him is that he is friendly and kindhearted. Thanking you sir.
Pritarn Banerjee
Techno India
Sir…your teaching is something more than just mere teaching ... ur motivational words help us to aim high ... it gives us the feeling that achieving the ultimate is not out of reach and is possible .... u not only taught us the subject but also taught us how actually to study .... how we can cope this vast syllabus in an easy way ... u taught us how to make studies interesting ... and yes i wasn't so serious then neither did i implement into practice those methods but now i ve implemented and got the desired result.... thank you sir. ... you are just more than awesome.
Pritarn Ghosh
Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology
You've always been my inspiration. I really admire the way you teach you make things easier to understand and always ensure that our basic concepts on the topics are clear. You have always helped me to clear my doubts in solving problems be it easy or tough. You're the best teacher I've ever come across.
Priyanka Das
I have seen a lot many teachers in my life so far but Shatru sir certainly is the best of all. Every student deserves to have someone like u beside them to appear for tough exams with ease and confidence. Not only a great teacher, but also a loving brother and a true companion, someone who is always ready to help. U r the Aarnir Khan of Taare Zameen Par .... dil se. .. i still recall ur words whenevr i need motivation.
Roopam Das
Netaji Subhash Engineering College .
Students, this is the most deciding phase of your career. So make sure you chose the best mentor who assures to provide u wid d best teaching facilities that will eventually kill your fear of mathematics! Easily approachable and With the most efficient teaching skills, SHATRU Sir will simplify up your learning process. Learning would have never been so easy as now. Come and see for yourself.
Shweta Gupta
MCKV Institute of Technology
I, Soubhik Datta student of NIT Durgapur would to like to tell a few sentences about my maths teacher Shatru Sir. First of all sir's way of teaching is truly amazing. His friendly attitude helps endear the students to him. He keeps the atmosphere light in class but all the while never deviating from the maths chapter itself. He completes each chapter in detail and makes sure to show the tips and tricks if there are any. He also managed to solve most of the doubts I gave him which consisted mostly of advanced level questions. But his greatest strength is the way he teaches. He makes sure that there isn't any communication gap between the student and himself. Whatever I scored in the maths section of my exams, I owe it to Shatru Sir. I would suggest any aspiring student to believe in Shatru Sir. He won't disappoint.
Soubhik Datta
NIT Durgapur
Well. sir i appreciated your to-the-point description of every topic and a quick example of it for retaining it by heart you give fluent explanation. a good time-management, & receive any doubt any time by welcome.
Sourojit Pal
Techno India
Sir I am really happy to know that you are starting your own institute. Coming to the teaching part …SHATRUDH sir teaches each & every topic, not leaving a single one for the students to do on their own. He gives ample time to tough topics like P&C, probability and others. Shatrudh sir describes each topic very well and discusses every doubt in doubt clearing session not posing a difficulty for anyone to understand. So I wish u for your grand success
RGIPT (Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology)
I never missed his lectures. Maths is tough subject, but attending his lectures made it so much easier. He had a unique, yet a very simple way of making us understand all the concepts and theorems. His is extremely dedicated and love his students very much. He always motivated us. He was always there to help us with our problems. In these years he changed my perception towards maths, now i love it. Thank you sir for that.
Neelanjan Acharya
Techno India
Today's cut throat competition has paved the way for opening of many coaching centres because every student wants to achieve the optimum results in the limited resources. Hence they take admission in such coaching classes .. aiming to take admission in the premiere engg. Colleges of India such as IITs .. but following the school and coaching classes is a challenge .. It requires self control, confidence and will power. The main reason for writing this articIe is to allow students choose a coaching class that they will not regret later .. one of my teachers , Mr. Shatrudha Prasad sir, is the most versatile teacher I have encountered so far, he redefines the methodology of teaching. I can assure you, whoever is reading this. If you follow his instructions and obey them, you will not regret your decision.
Debaditya Saha
Jadavpur University
Hi, I'm Debjyoti Dasghosh, studying B Tech in CSE from SRM University, Delhi. I feel privileged, that I've studied under the constant guidance of my dearest Mathematics teacher, Mr Shatrudha Prasad, one of the most student friendly and hard working teacher, I've ever studied under. His way of teaching make me confident in studies. The motivation speeches he used to give, during classes are why I'm still going good in my life. And this thing is for sure, without his hard work and his constant motivation I can't be where I'm. Thank U sir, for all U have done for me.
My destiny chose me to learn from the best...When it comes to learning Mathematics ... Shatru Sir is that person ... He is highly creative, analytical and skilful...He not only knows the numerous ways to tackle problems ... but also knows the best ones for competitive exams where time factor matters a lot... i joined Shatru sir after ruining my +2 maths completely ... and though i was not able to crack JEE Advanced, but i was able to improve my maths to a great extent... initially, i did not know how to approach a problem ..but slowly the ideas started CLICKING (Sir often uses this word in class) in my mind as the class progressed ... Sir helped me immensely, i am unable to manifest my gratitude in words ... "Always try to solve a problem in mathematics in minimum number of steps…" is one of his saying that I will remember forever .. Apart from that I can assure that no one will ever get bored in his class ... He is very interactive, friendly and motivational and knows how to unleash the hidden potential of a student..Sir, I appreciate your guidance. I'm glad you are part of my life.
Shashikant Prasad
This is the best thing I m mentioning here is that who mentored me to achieve something in life is shatrudha Prasad ... a man from IIT Madras who brought the best from me ..now u could too achieve as he is starting his own institute to guide u all... I urge u all to just attend a single class and u will know the truth.
Shalin Saurav
When it comes to preparing for IIT-JEE, the role of a teacher becomes very important ... my experience preparing for lIT JEE was a great one. it was full of ups and downs ... I would give a lot of credit of whatever I have learnt in mathematics to Shatru Sir.. he is a teacher who won't let u get depressed ... teacher that keeps an eye on each and every student's weakness .. he did sense when the morale of the class is down and gives motivational lectures to boost us up .. .for him, just teaching was not the key .sensed the ability of students and made them aware of their weaknesses .. Shatru Sir always treated us like a friend .. I wish he keeps teaching students the way he does ..and doesn't change ...
Shubham Gupta
NIT Durgapur
The mathematics classes of Shatrudha Sir was one of the best classes I have ever attended. His unconventional teaching approach is at the same time both attractive and conceptual. His unique approach is what makes him special. He was always ready to help me out with my doubts and clear my concepts. He was more of a friend to me than a teacher, a person with whom I could share my problems and who was always ready with a solution. A big thanks to Shatrudha sir for guiding me through a subject which is the backbone of engineering.
Swarnadipta Rakshit
NIT Durgapur
"There is no problem which you can not solve if you have faith in yourself" - This I what learnt from our beloved Shatru sir. He teaches not as a teacher but as a friend. I always waited eagerly for his classes throughout the week. With his in-between jokes the classes were really entertaining. And of-course, he has very good time management skills, which generally an IITian possess. Last but not the least, he never gets fed up even with your 1000 doubts.
Tarun Ghosh
IEM ,Kolkata
"There is no problem which you can not solve if you have faith in yourself" - This I what learnt from our beloved Shatru sir. He teaches not as a teacher but as a friend. I always waited eagerly for his classes throughout the week. With his in-between jokes the classes were really entertaining. And of-course, he has very good time management skills, which generally an IITian possess. Last but not the least, he never gets fed up even with your 1000 doubts.
Tarun Ghosh
IEM ,Kolkata
I studied Maths under Shatrudha sir throughout class 12. Since I enrolled at the end of class 11, there was only one year left before the entrance exams, so naturally there was a lot of pressure. But the way Shatru sir taught really eased a lot of tension. Many concepts were made easy by him, especially the probability and permutation & combination parts. His friendly attitude towards students really encourages to come up with doubts and clear them. If I would have studied one more year under him, I would have done even better. Thumbs Up to Shatru Sir!!
Subhadeep Bhattacharyya
Kalyani Government Engineering College (CSE)
I just wanted to thank you for being there to help me whenever there was any problem in understanding the concept. Your methodology of teaching was a bit different than the other faculties. The best thing was that you considered the students as friends which made the interaction much easier. You taught in a much simpler and easy language which helped in understanding the concepts easily and also pointed out the important forms, formulas and shortcuts. You were never late for any class neither showed negligence to any student but helped in every way possible. Thank You Sir, for helping me
Vaibhav Anand
NIT Durgapur
You are an amazing teacher and I appreciate your techniques of teaching a lot. You made mathematics easier for me. Your pupils are lucky to have such a dedicated and supportive teacher. I will make sure to spread the word about you and hopefully give other people the confidence that you gave me! Thank you sir.
Amrita Neogi
UEM Jaipur
"I am Shubhomoy Das, former student of Mr Shatrudha Prasad sir. When i was in class 12 i was literally lost in the vast syllabus of mathematics for competitive exams like JEE mains and JEE advanced also school board examination. But after attending Shatru Sir's classes i came back on track as his capability to make students understand those tough concepts is truly exceptional. I could clear any type of doubts in a matter of minutes by consulting him. He covers a lot of syllabus in short time by teaching efficiently and also emphasizes the most important and truly useful concepts, due to which we could complete full revision of the topics."
Shubhomoy Das
Kalyani Government Engg College
Shatru Sir. One of the best teacher and the best human I have known. Personally gives you attention and improves your weak point. He is a teacher cum friend with whom you can share your day to day experience and also take help. Not only in studies and exams but on any difficulty. Under him your days in present and future both are secured. Love you Sir.
Subham Sarkar
(OmDayal School of Architecture)
It was a truely wonderful experience having Shatrudha Prasad as my maths teacher. His teaching methodology is totally different ,makes you reach out to the core concept of the subject. His very friendly nature makes you put forward all your doubts ,even the silliest one without any hesitation. His inspiring talks always made me push harder and learn.
Susanta Biswas
NIT Durgapur
thank you so much sir, you were the most friendly teacher I have ever met. According to me, you concentrate on practical applications more than the theory which makes mathematics so much more interesting. You always did try your best to clear our concepts and that's why I still remember some of your lectures. Thank you so much for teaching me and more importantly making me feel confident in maths.
Anwesh Mohapatra
KIlT University (Computer Science)
Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of human spirit. As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reasons and the desire for aesthetic perfection. These above words are also very difficult for me to understand completely. But I know that there is a man who always guides me through the tough lanes of my life. He made me so confident and fearless towards this subject that I started seeing it from a different angular approach. He made me understand each concepts so easily that I didn't have to work hard behind the subject. He is none other than my mentor Shatrudha Sir. Bless me forever so that I could go to IISC Bangalore to persue Mathematics Reaserch. My four role models of life-ROLLE,LAGRANGE,COURANTand SHATRU SIR.Thank you sir to be with me in these two vital years of my life. Bless me forever. You are real role model sir.
Arghan Dutta
Shatru sir is one of the most appreciable and an exceptional faculty of lIT JEE level of Mathematics. His way of serving the difficult concepts to a slow learner student is excellent. His interaction with the students in classroom is like a chatting between friends. He is so frank with all students that u never hesitate in asking any of ur doubts regarding subject. He always motivated me to give my Best and 'never give up'. He always says that an average student can also clear lIT JEE exam. His strategy of teaching maths in a very simple manner is an awesome one. As per my opinion, an lIT JEE aspirant will rarely get a faculty like shatru sir in the whole of KOLKATA ... THANK YOU SIR FOR BEING A PART OF MY CAREER.
ASHISH JAISWAL (Jaiswal saab)
One word when you think of Mr. Shatrudha Prasad is 'Awesomeness'. He tries to connect to the student rather than just teaching. He is more like a companion in your ups and downs. You can ping him anytime and with any kind of doubts, he helps his best with his wonderful smartness. He tries his best to make Mathematics flow in your bloodstream. Be it shortcuts, acronyms or smart solution to tough lengthy problems, he puts every method in just one jar so that we can grab our maximum. Learning from him is fun. I am extremely thankful to him for his guidance and care. His teaching methodology is unique. Although being extremely excellent in academic teaching he also focusses on morals through his motivational lecture. Due to his precious words of knowledge that he shared with me I am today enjoying my life to the fullest in the best college of the country. Thanking him once again.
Debashis Nag
IIT Kanpur (Electrical engineering)
I was introduced to Shatru sir in class 12. He taught us maths. He is more a friend than a teacher. He made the subject fun and interesting and so much easier to understand with his style of teaching. I looked forward to his class each day with so much enthusiasm. I wasn't really good at the subject in class 11 but with Shatru Sir's guidance I was able to get a strong hold on the subject and score quite well in my exams. I can confidently say that whatever I have achieved is due to his faithful and unwavering determination. Whenever I came to him with a doubt in the subject or infact anything in general he was quick to help with the problem to the best of his efforts which was honestly more than I could have asked for. Thank you very much sir for everything you did for me. I shall always be grateful to have had you as a mentor.
Prabhakant Pranay
Jadavpur University (CSE)
I was an engineering aspirant and joining Shatrudha sir's classes was one of my best decisions!!! I aspired to become part of some of the best colleges in India and I always was a pretty good student but I lacked the edge. That edge which would help me in emerging from the tough competition. At the end of class 11, I came to know about our beloved Shatrudha Sir and his reputation preceded him! So, I instantaneously contacted him and joined his classes and did he live upto his promises. He taught a tricky subject like maths in such a fun and engaging way that almost everybody in the class started enjoying maths big time. He was always the first one to address all of our problems and made sure that we never had any doubts in the tricky concepts. He was always there for me as a teacher and as an elder brother too. His constant motivation and suggestions further helped me to increase my efforts during the last few months before the exams. Moreover, the way he reaches out to help everyone shows his willingness to make everyone follow the right path. All in all, sir made maths FUN and he is one of the BEST teachers I have ever seen! I really thank you, sir for teaching me this wonderful subject maths, wonderfully. I express my gratitude to you sir, for helping me succeed !!!!!
Rohit Majumdar
IIEST, Shibpur
Sir, I feel forever indebted to you. You have been more than a teacher to me. You have been simply phenomenal when it comes to teaching whether it’s teaching concepts or practicing concepts you have been simply amazing. Maths is no doubt the hardest and the trickiest of the three subjects in JEE is a real challenge to students, your teaching has helped not only me but also all of our fellow students achieve wonders. I am proud to say to my friends that Satru sir has taught me, and my friends be like 'wow'. Your way of teaching is indeed amazing and I absolutely loved every minute of your classes. It has been an honor.
Saptarshi Ghosh
Jadavpur University
I am currently pursuing B. Tech. 1st year at lIT Kharagpur. It would have been impossible for me to clear JEE Advanced 2016 without the help of Shatrudha Sir. In the year 2014, I was lucky to have him as my Mathematics teacher. The teaching methodology he used made me develop a liking for the subject from the very first day itself. He started with the basics and taught us everything in an organized and presentable manner. This made it very simple to grasp to the concepts quickly. He made us solve a few problems from every topic and always provided us alternate solutions wherever applicable. His classes were full of energy, enthusiasm and fun. At the doubt clearing classes, he helped me understand how to solve problems with an objective approach. Shatru Sir was always available to assist and inspire me. He kept motivating me to reach my target and kept assuring me to have confidence in myself.
Sayan Sinha
Shatru sir has always been like a friend to me who inspired me to do something in my life. You taught us how interesting maths can be. You changed my life for a better. Better than hours of diligent study is a day with shatru sir. You inspired me to do things i am meant to do. Studying with you was a fun. we miss your classes. To the world you may be a teacher but to your students you are a hero. Sir, you are the best bcoz you tried to brought the best in us. wish you lots of good luck. Keep rocking.
Sonali Singh
Kalyani Govt. Engg College
Hello sir, a little message from ur "Munna"- You are my best maths teacher ..You made the toughest sums so easy to understand for me ..Your 2 hrs class seems just 30 mins ..You have given extra times for my doubt to be cleared. Aapka mazak mazak mein padane ka style mujhe bahut a66a lagta hain ... Bahut kuch sikha aapse…Mere jaisa maths hater became a maths lover after your teaching ... Your problems helped me so much in JEE and other competitive exams. You encouraged every students very much to crack JEE. Thank you so much and I am very lucky to have a teacher like You.
Soumalya Biswas
Electrical Engineering, IIEST Shibpur
Shatru Sir….i think i better not use the last word because since the last three years that i know him this word is quite insignificant. Teacher must be your best friend he is the proper proof of the statement. Maths was one of my strengths but it was only after meeting him that i started loving the subject. in these last three years there has not been a single day when i have not interacted with him and i felt that he was always beside me when i am in a problem. his teachings inspired me to do something in my life. he inspected my weaknesses not only in maths but in all the subjects.He has been with me through all the ups and downs and when my parents lost their faith in me. Through these three years he has actually been like my elder brother and hence i am feeling very happy to say that it is only because of him that i am studying in one of the top colledges.
Soumyadip Dutta
Jadavpur Univetsity
Shatru sir taught us maths in class 11. The very first class of sir was a very special one because he did not teach us different concepts but taught us the most different thing which all teachers avoid, what is life and what to make out of it. I do not remember sir's lectures because of the way he made difficult topics easy through delightful explanation but how he used to explain life through those problems. He presented infront of us the entire scenario of JEE which helped me strengthen my preparation which was already brimming with sir's class notes and different problems. One thing I did learn was maths would never be the same again without Shatru sir.
Sounak Ray
lIT Guwahati
Teaching focused more on explaining concepts than rote learning. Shatru Sir, our maths teacher taught us very well and cleared all or doubts. He inspired us to do well. With a bit of hard work and dedication, I was able to secure an excellent rank in JEE. I owe my success to Shatru Sir. Thank You !
Sumit Kumar Singh
IIT Kharagpur